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Innovative health platform with patented technology



Artificial Intelligente

Information, promotion and doubts resolution through artificial intelligence.

Customizable apps and chatbots for donation centres.

Universal Donor Identifier

Universal Donor Identifier of blood and another types

Patented in Spain and patent pending in 50 countries around the world; patent expansion to cover globally the universal identification of donors, users, patients and interventions.


Proof of truth of medical data and procedures

Complete traceability from donor to patient. Security and immutability of the data in the blockchain. Certification of the products obtained in the donation.

Universal Health Chain

Innovative platform

Unified and universal medical history.
Health Universal Identifier for each person (patents pending).
Technical specifications of the Universal Identifiers for health purposes.

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1st patented Health Universal Identifier

Patented Universal Donor Identifier and patent expansion in process to cover other health identifiers globally.

Universal and unified medical history

Allows portability of medical data in a secure way in compliance with the new European data protection law.
The user owns their data and controls the access permissions to the centers that have been approved by the user.

Data for emergencies

The user can approve sharing certain medical data to be accessed in case of emergencies: blood group, allergies, medications and contacts for emergencies (family, friends ...).

Certification of donations, products and interventions

Our blockchain guarantees the immutability of the data and allows the certification of the health data of the individuals, the certification of the obtained products and the interventions in which these are used.

Data immutability

The data is stored in blocks of encrypted and immutable information, linked together creating a secure chain of information.

Audit and security

Each process is registered in the blockchain: medical data, procedures, processes, biological donations and derived products obtained, etc. 

Medical data

Each user has a private key with which their data is encrypted in the application. Only the user can control their data; no one else can access or decrypt the data without user's permission.

Artificial Intelligence
365 days / 24 hours service

Health chatbots to solve doubts, automatic promotion and management of appointments according to the requirements.

Customer service

Offer a continuous service to the public, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Interactive experience for the user: information, solved oubts, male appointments, etc.
The information of your organization in a dynamic, close and personalised way.

Multiple Channels

The chatbot can be integrated into the organization’s website, in a mobile app and in channels such as Messenger, Skype, Telegram, etc.

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